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Return to Work

Rehabilitation and return to work

Welcome to the Return to Work Centres Ltd.

We are a group of skilled and experienced health professionals specialising in the restoration of function after mental illness.

We also provide consultancy in intensive mental health care and specialist substance misuse services

Return to Work Solution


Mental ill health has consistently been the second most common work related illness after musculoskeletal disorders, for a number of years in the UK. 

The poor mental health of the population comes at a cost of £110 billion per year, and is shouldered by the government with mental health care making up 12% of the NHS budget and the welfare state paying out £4.75 billion per year in incapacity benefits alone to those with mental health problems. 

The “Return to Work” service solution addresses the shortcomings of existing forms of support by integrating employment support and clinical mental health support in a coherent package, delivered in one location - the Return to Work Centre.   

The ethos is to keep people in work or return them to work as swiftly as possible.

We combine:

  1. -Acute psychiatry and talking therapy

  2. -Rehabilitation psychiatry

  3. -Occupational therapy

  4. -Outplacement /employment support

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